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MAP - IHE Data Collection Application

For many years, The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) has collected data from its college and university partners to write the Maryland Teacher Staffing Report.

Beginning with the graduation/completion figures from 2016-2017, these data will now be collected through a system designed to make the collection more user friendly for our partners, and to more efficiently populate the dashboards that are used to write the report. Please note that, although the date that appears as the heading date for each section is 2017-2018, (because that is the year it is collected), the MSDE is requesting actual data from 2016-2017 with projected data for 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 in one instance.

Each section is driven by the Data Collection Panel. Clicking on the Data Collection Panel will provide displays of both a Form and a Report on each topic. Each report is populated by the information provided through the form. Some queries will be answered through a pull-down menu. Actual numbers are required for some portions of the forms, and this will be evident to the user. Each user may access his or her own college or university with the collective results displayed on the dashboards, but there is no access between or among users. Individual access codes and passwords are provided.

Please direct any questions to the Division of Educator Effectiveness, Program Approval Branch.

Maryland State Department of Education 200 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore MD 21201