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Data Administration

The MLDS Center connects student data from across Maryland’s education and workforce agencies to provide a more complete picture of the progress students are making as they move from Pre-K through grades K-12 and into higher education and the workforce.

The MLDS Center receives data from:

  • Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE)
  • Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC)
  • Maryland Department of Labor
  • Maryland Department of Juvenile Services (DJS)
  • Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • Other external data sources

These data are subject to strict data management, security, and privacy requirements.

The MLDS Data Inventory provides a comprehensive listing of the data housed in the System, including gaps in the data collected and known data limitations. All MLDS Center data must adhere to the Data Reporting Standards before becoming publicly available. To guide the gathering of new data collections, the MLDS Center developed a list of procedures for new collections to facilitate the process.

All research is done using de-identified data. All reporting of the results of the research are done using de-identified, aggregate data with additional data suppression rules applied. All published MLDS Center data are FERPA compliant.

The Center uses data from publicly available sources to supplement analyses and/or provide contextual information in the interpretation of results. Unless legislatively required, publically available data are not listed in the data inventory or included in the System.