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The goal of the MLDS Center is to provide data to inform the decision making activities of a broad constituency that includes state policymakers, educators, administrators, business leaders, students, and parents. The Center produces output on education and workforce outcomes in a range of formats including academic research using statistical methods, research reports, and high level summaries; each designed to provide different types and levels of information to specific interest groups.

Center Output includes

  1. Dashboards that provide data visualizations on key transitions from high school to college, college to workforce, and high school to workforce;
  2. Information Briefs that highlight important data points from MLDS Center dashboards;
  3. Center Reports that fulfill legislatively mandated reporting requirements and reports requested by education and workforce policymakers;
  4. Research Reports that contain the results of research or analysis completed by the MLDS Center Research branch;
  5. Research Spotlights that provide concise reports on large research initiatives conducted by the Center that can inform policymakers on important education and workforce outcomes; and
  6. Presentations and other workshops, training or other similar facilitated sessions conducted by MLDS Center staff.
  7. Published research in academic journals.

If you can’t find what you are looking for or have a suggestion or comment, please contact the Center. Click to subscribe if you want to be notified when new output is available.