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MLDS Data Inventory

MLDS Data Inventory is a comprehensive list of the data elements contained in the Maryland Longitudinal Data System. Under Maryland law (Education Article §24-704(g)(6), Annotated Code of Maryland) the MLDS Governing Board is required to create an inventory of the individual data maintained, proposed to be maintained, or removed from the System.

The data inventory is organized by domain. Domains correspond with the sectors that provide data to the MLDS: primary and secondary education (PK12), postsecondary, and workforce. The Data Inventory contains both internal and external domains. Internal domains relate to the MLDS partner agencies that provide student and workforce data directly to the MLDS through a memorandum of understanding. External domains are publicly available information or are provided through a memorandum of understanding with the external entity. Data from external sources are used to enhance the data received from internal sources, and provide additional context to the data in the System.

Substantive Changes to the MLDS Data Inventory

The MLDS Governing Board annually reviews the MLDS Data Inventory,


The development of the Data Inventory is a collaborative process between DLLR, MSDE and MHEC, and the Data Governance Advisory Board. The MLDS Data Advisory Board annually reviews the Data Inventory and identifies what data elements to propose for inclusion or remove from the System. All data must be relevant to answering one of the questions in the Research Agenda or generally identified as necessary for evaluating federal or State supported education programs. Data elements identified for inclusion or removal in the System are presented to the Governing Board for approval. Once approved, the requirements are developed with the agency and included in the data collection calendar.

Student Data

State law (Education Article §24-701, Annotated Code of Maryland) defines student data to mean data relating to student performance, including the following:

  • State and national assessments;
  • Course-taking and completion;
  • Grade point average;
  • Remediation;
  • Retention;
  • Degree, diploma, or credential attainment;
  • Enrollment; and
  • Demographic data.

The law specifically prohibits the Center from collecting data on students from juvenile delinquency records, criminal and Child In Need of Assistance records, medical and health records; and discipline records.

Workforce Data

State law (Education Article §24-701, Annotated Code of Maryland) defines workforce data as data relating to:

  • Employment status;
  • Wage information;
  • Geographic location of employment; and
  • Employer information.

There are specific legal requirements affecting whether certain workforce records can be maintained and for how long they can be linked to an educational record. The MLDS Center has established procedures for managing those requirements.

Source of Data

The MLDS Center has the authority to collect data directly from local education agencies (LEA), community colleges, public senior higher education institutions, and State agencies. MLDS Center currently collects student data from these state agencies:

Data Gaps

The MLDS contains a wealth of valuable information for reporting and analysis. Nonetheless, there are gaps in the data that impact the Center's reporting and research capabilities.