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Policy maker and Analyst

The primary purpose of the MLDSC is to provide information to assist policy makers in reviewing and evaluating public policy initiatives and their effects on education and employment. But another important purpose is to provide information to educators looking to improve their practice and researchers shedding new light on educational practice and policy.

The Governing Board of the MLDSC has approved a research agenda outlining the questions that the Center will consider. Click here to see that agenda.

The MLDSC is developing a number of dashboards designed to provide quick access to the most frequently needed information.Click here to see a complete list of available dashboards.As the number of dashboards grows, the list will be arranged by subject area.

Click here to see a list of dashboards to be developed over the next few months.

As we complete research reports, we will post them here. The list of currently available reports appear in DualEnrollment Section

We have also begun our Research Series, which offers an opportunity to exchange ideas about the topics on the research agenda and the opportunities and challenges offered by our data sets and research problems. Click here for a list of upcoming Research Series events, and Click here for a list of past events, as well as any available audio, video, or handout material

The MLDSC is designed to provide unique information by combining data from existing State agencies.Its products are intended to supplement, not replace, the work of other agencies.The links below will take you to those agencies and away from the MLDS Center site.

  • Click here for information about job seekers in all parts of Maryland, updated weekly.
  • Click here for information about K-12 education, including demographics, school progress, assessments, graduation, and many others
  • Click here for information about colleges and universities in Maryland, including enrollment, retention and graduation, degrees awarded, financial aid, and many others.

We welcome suggestions about other ways that we might use our data to help meet the needs of employers.Click here to make suggestions and give us feedback.Thanks for visiting.