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ResearchSeries titleMLDSC Research Series
The MLDS Center research series is a forum to bring together researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to discuss MLDS Center research works in progress. Additionally, we invite experts from across the State to present research studies that may inform MLDS Center research projects.

Applying Causal Inference Techniques to Strengthen Dual Enrollment Program Evaluation in Maryland

Casual Inference in Education Policy Research

Clustered Data - Are Multilevel Models Really Necessary?

Dual Enrollment in Maryland: Highlights from the 2016 Dual Enrollment Report

Dual Enrollment in Maryland: Using Data from the Maryland Longitudinal Data System to Examine Trends, Demographics, and Outcomes

Expanding MLDS Data Access and Research Capacity with Synthetic Data Sets

Investigating the “Brain-Drain” Phenomenon in Maryland

Need-based Grant Aid in Higher Education: The Effects of the Howard P. Rawlings Educational Assistance (EA) Grant on Financial Aid, Academic Persistence, and Working while in School

Postsecondary College and Workforce Outcomes for Baltimore City Graduates

Remedial Coursework in Maryland Colleges: Examining High School Predictors and College Outcomes

Strategies for Missing Data in Education Research

STEM Workforce Preparation and Retention in Maryland

The Effect of High School Career and Technical Education on Postsecondary Enrollment and Early Career Wages

The Multidimensional Impact of Teachers on Students

The Relationship Between Poverty and Long-Term Student Outcomes: Disentangling the Effects of Individual and School Poverty

Validating Teacher Effects on Students’ Attitudes and Behaviors: Evidence from Random Assignment of Teachers to Students

Value Added Modeling and Alternate Approaches for Ranking Institutions

Visual Representations of Data - Review and Recommendations

Workforce Outcomes in Maryland: Patterns Among Students by Achievement Type

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